How many of you already knew about this amazing site – Humans of New York?? I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover it! Even with all the controversy over Donna Karan using his photos without authorization or compensation. I vaguely remember this but I guess I wasn’t paying attention. My loss.

Brandon Stanton has been taking photographs of New Yorkers every day for almost 3 years. His images reflect all kinds of people – kids, families, couples, animals, tattoos, moments, etc. Everything we see on the city streets, day after day. Not only does he photograph these people but he gets their “stories”. You know, every New Yorker has a story. He has inspired many others to copy his project all over the world. He lets them use the name and receives no compensation. He has only give credit on his site to a few that have shown a sincere commitment.

I just love his pictures. You can follow him on his website, via twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. Brandon has also published a book of the same name.

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