ImageMost of you have heard of Common Sense Media – a great tool to help you decide which movies, television and apps are appropriate for your children.  I just learned of another great resource you might be interested in.

The Children’s Technology Review

A subscription-based email newsletter modeled after Consumer Reports. There is no advertising content. The newsletter summarizes products and trends in children’s interactive media.  It looks at 6 categories:

• Ease of use – Can a child use it with minimal help?
• Childproof – Is it designed with “child-reality” in mind?
• Educational – What can be learned? 
• Entertaining – Is it fun to use?
• Design features – How smart is this program?

$30 per year for 12 issues.  Each issue contains approximately 50 reviews on new technology/media products –  apps, technology toys, websites, video games, etc. Subscription includes access to back issues dating back to 2005.  


Originally a Master’s thesis, Children’s Technology Review was created by Warren Buckleitner in 1993. His ten years of research resulted in a systematic evaluation process (see video for further details for assessing children’s software. 


  1. This is great! For some reason it went to my spam. Ill change my settings, but u wonder if there is a way to adjust setting etc from whatever system, WordPress etc, you created.

    Chelsey Ingenito Fields Please excuse brevity and typos with iPhone

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