Once my kids were born, I started taking a lot of pictures. I have thousands and thousands.  We frequently sit and look at them on my computer or via Apple TV, reliving many fond memories.

It got me thinking – what happened to all the photos I took in high school and college?  What about the box of family photos I took from the basement of my parents’ house?  All those photos are boxed up and sitting in storage.  My kids are always asking me about what it was like when I was a kid.  I decide it was time to show them.

Based on a friend’s recommendation,and shipped them off to ScanCafe.  I didn’t have to spend time organizing and labeling them.  I literally dumped them in the box and off they went.  I also sent video of my stepsons’ gymnastics meets and old newspaper clippings.

A few weeks later everything was digitized.  I reviewed the photos and videos online and selected the ones I wanted to keep.  Even though they scanned everything, I only had to pay for what I actually wanted (as long as I purchased at least 80% of the photos).  They even restored some of the old, ripped and worn photos.  I had the option of purchasing the original photo or the restored version.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about sending off the only version of my photos.  They could have easily been lost in the mail.  In the end, I figured I wasn’t looking at them anyway so the risk was fairly low.

If you register on their site, you will frequently receive discounts via email.



  1. What is an ballpark expense for doing something like this? Is it best to get all of the photos together or can you send them in batches. Would love to hear more details about your experience.

  2. Thanks for your question. The retail price is 29¢ per photo scan but they frequently offer discounts. You can send the photos piece meal of all together. If you are super organized (which I am not), you can bundle them together by event and you can easily create albums. I didn’t want to take the time to do that so I just threw them in a box and sent them.

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